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How to become a successful artist?

Honestly, I am typing this text now and still not believing that I am starting a blog.

But, maybe it's a good way to get connected with you and to start working on what I always wanted - finding synergies with other artists, learning together and supporting each other. Who knows, maybe one day this blog will help someone to apply for a life changing open-call or to start sharing their experiences with me and the others too.

It's very ironic, how in the era of the internet and possibilities, there is still no a roadmap for artists to develop the style, find the right audience and be supported by galleries. Instead, we have to fight our way through, try million of different things to find out what works and what doesn't, question ourselves literally daily and still do not receive any feedback or a guidance from experienced guys in the field.

Why is it like that? When an artist applies for an open-call and receives a rejection letter, why doesn't it include an actual reason and advice on how to become better/evolve your style or adjust your portfolio? Instead, we are getting a very polite no, and go wonder, what did we do not good enough.

Besides, most of the galleries are looking for artists who already had exhibitions and solo shows, but if there are no galleries to support the artists who haven't have the shows yet, how do we need to make this happen? Kinda chicken and egg situation, don't you think?

Developing yourself as an artist is a real deal. We have to learn the business side of it, legal side of it, marketing, networking, sales, building a website, writing a blog (ha-ha), photo & video editing etc., etc. And while doing that, we also have to continue making art, develop our style, shop for supplies and the list can go much further than that.

What I want to say is that help definitely wouldn't hurt. And if we are not getting any help from the galleries and star-artists, maybe we should do it ourselves.

The question is how can we do it?

By sharing our experiences and supporting one another. We are all going through the similar challenges. Imagine someone would tell you: "You can do it better, let me show you how!"

This would save so much time! The precious time you can better use to make art!

That's why this blog! Here we can share the experiences with exhibitions, building web-shop, evolving style, technics and so much more. Like a little secret community, where we grow together.

Let's stop here for now. I would like to see if there are more artists who'd like to join this journey!

Let's grow together?

  • Yes, I definitely can relate!

  • I prefer growing by myself, but thanks

React in any way to this blog, share your experience or ask questions!

Growing together is much more fun too.

Xo, EG

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It sometimes feels like an endless circle to me: when nobody knows you, nobody needs you.

But when you start growing little by little, people pay more and more attention.

Or is it just how entropy works?

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