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My name is Ella Gud, I am the creator of Art by Gud and a huge fan of modern art! I work with acrylics, mixed media and digital forms of art. I truly believe that art can speak any language and this is my way of communicating with the world. 

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My Story

I was born in Siberia and raised in Yakutsk - the coldest city in the world, in the Northern-East of Russia. As long as I remember myself I always liked to draw and paint, and everything else that can lay under the definition of art: dance, music, theatre, fashion.


Seeking for adventures I left home early, I was 17 when I moved to China. I already graduated from a high school and had a college degree in finances. In China I got my language & culture bachelor degree. After-school-hours I spent dancing and touring with a dance crew all over China and its provinces. When graduated, I began with organising events. Details, it always was something about the details... My parties were always highly decorated, the guests were dressed and entertained, the show must go on and everyone in Beijing wanted to be a part of this experience!

One rainy day in Beijing I felt the urge to paint. I didn't have any paints, I didn't paint or draw since I was a kid. But since that rainy day when I bought a box of acrylics and a brush, I could never stop painting. All my first works were gifted or given away. I began collecting my works since 2015. Everything changed since then, I was invited to join a music & event industry where I worked for 5 years. Working with celebrities and legends of electronic music, seeing thousands of happy faces in a crowd and crazy touring schedules have always fed me with new inspiration. I was coming back to my empty studio and painted.

After long years of building electronic music scene in China and dedicating my-full-self to this profession, I got a well-deserved vacation from which I could not get back to China anymore. 2020. Covid. China closes its gates and I stay in Russia not knowing what to do now.


That was the time for a change, I thought. That was the time I made a decision to follow my heart, packed a bag, got one of the last flights, and moved to The Netherlands. I start a new chapter, a new career in Cybersecurity sector, a new life with the loved one and I paint, paint, paint. Art by Gud was born there. In the middle of world crisis, outside of a comfort zone, deep in the excitement of a new adventure!

Picasso once said: "Anything you can imagine is real" and I truly believe it's true. The life of an average girl from the coldest town on Earth who has ended up being a child of the world, lived in different places and keeps making her dreams come true. I want to share this wisdom or call it madness with as many people as possible. My art's goal is to motivate and inspire viewers to believe in themselves, to not be afraid of a change but excited about it, to dream big, enjoy the moment and cry when it's needed, be honest with themselves and proud of who they are.

Since moving to The Netherlands, I participated in a few exhibitions in Tuscany, Luxembourg, Moscow and Novosibirsk, and I am very excited to continue my art journey! My style is still evolving and changing, so is life, so is me. My artworks now are in several countries in their new homes: in China, Russia, India, United States, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands. The list is growing and my heart is melting when my artworks find their homes. 

Thanks for reading my story, I hope you understand my art a bit better now. And if you don't, it's okay too, just ask :)


Ella Gud


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