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Between The Lines

In a world often dominated by conflict and game of thrones, this collection serves as a poignant reminder of the possibility of dialogue, reflection, gratitude, and harmony amidst chaos and against violence.


Through its minimalist approach, Between The Lines emphasizes the power of subtlety and nuance in conveying profound truths. Each brushstroke, line, and form speaks volumes, urging viewers to look beyond the obvious and uncover the deeper meanings hidden within.


Through its serene simplicity, the collection encourages viewers to seek inner harmony and extend it outward, fostering a collective spirit of tranquility and empathy.


Between The Lines is the newest collection of 9 uniques paintings. Acrylic paints, resin, oil pastels, metal and other mixed media is used on 9 stretched cotton canvases 30x30cm. The unsaid, the hidden, the forbidden - all is described in the shadows of black & white with use of bright accents (the between the lines messaging).

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