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My name is Ella Gud

I am a creator of Art by Gud and a huge fan of modern art! Do you want to know my story? Click below!

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About Art Collections

Understand the art better by knowing the story behind each art collection

Art by Gud, CIRCLE collection of minimalist artworks


The beauty of minimalism and contemporary art is that everyone may see their own meaning.


As a result, these girls are not ballerinas at all, but rather the personification of the one who looks at the picture. Pointe shoes and strong bodies symbolise the strength and confidence as well as a big desire to achieve a goal. The circle can be an emotion, an achievement, a burden, or a dream. After all, everyone sees the world their own way. 

Circle artworks made in 2 forms: digitally or painted with acrylics. Digital works are available in a shape of canvas prints, acrylic paintings are available per request.

Art by Gud, contemporary art, acrylic paintings, The Colors art collection

The Colors

"The Colors" showcases my personal resurrection, the process of my growth. 

Everyone can relate to each painting, using their own story to mold their own perspective. The colours represent emotions, memories, thoughts, mind changes, personal growth, opinions, self-discipline, beliefs, and dreams – the small details that are so important in life. 

This is my very first collection, that I started in 2015. I experimented with different mediums - acrylics, sketch markers, acrylic markers, watercolours, ink. Some of the paintings from this collection still remain storing in China.

Untitled_Artwork 35.JPG


Daydream collection was created for fun! It's so exciting to smash different colours and create stories out of it.


Sometimes it takes a while for me to see what I can make out of the splash of acrylics. Usually these are kind, encouraging a good will sort of stories.


I use acrylic paints and ink as a medium to create these cute minimalist artworks, that you can combine next to each other and create a creative concept on your wall.

About boutique

Art by Gud boutique stands for a personal approach, appreciation of a single detail and a smooth execution when it comes to assistance, order and delivery. 


Here you’ll find a selection of artworks made by hand with paints or digitally. If you are looking for original art - check Original Paintings collection, you can also find a collection of canvas Prints. 


Art by Gud is a selection of artworks made by myself (Ella Gud) and my private collection of paintings made by artists I support. You may notice that my art and art I represent always contain deep meanings and a certain storytelling. Try to read between the lines. 


Appreciation of a detail and imperfection, a combination of sometimes absolutely incongruous technics and colours, I love challenging both myself and the viewer with an abstract form of imagination.

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